Hey, it’s been 7 months since I never visited this blog of mine. I’ve been busy with my studies right now since I’m now in 3rd year college. Many things had happened since then, one of this post I’m going to share with you is one of my favorites. If you’re living in the Queen City of the South, you probably know this much talked-about beach, in Maribago, Lapu-lapu City.

I welcome you to TAMBULI BEACH RESORT!


Meet my model friend, William.



Tambuli Beach Resort is currently in the transition of transforming from a beach resort to a lifestyle community. With the ongoing construction of its condominium buildings, and continuous improvements in some areas of the beach resort, this will soon become one lively district.

For now, Tambuli Beach Resort remains to be one of the few remaining affordable beach destinations in Lapu-lapu City. The property boasts of two white sand beach fronts and a pool.  – iLuvcebu

Yes, it’s true. The construction of its condominium and the pool are still ongoing when we went to Tambuli Beach Resort. Honestly, I didn’t actually beach because first and foremost, I don’t know how to swim and I hate the taste of the sea there. Sorry. But, I enjoyed a lot in the pool. ‘Cause it’s cold!



Tambuli Beach Resort’s Entrance fee is P200/head every Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, and P150/head on weekdays. Children 5 years old and below are free of charge. Cool, right?

Cottage Rentals are as follow:
1. Kiosk – P1,500. Two long tables and 20 chairs are provided
2. Tent  – P1,200. Two long tables and 20 chairs are provided
3. Parasol – P500. One round table with 10 chairs are provided.
4. Big Huts – P600. Seating capacity is 14-16 people
5. Small Huts – P400. Seating Capacity is 6-8 people.
6. Table rental – P250. One small round table with 4 chairs are provided

350 pesos for charging entire day. And NO CORKAGE FEE. They also have rooms but I don’t know the price.

We never thought that we ended in this place ’cause we also planned to go to Danao. But, because the next day was the start of the classes, we chose TAMBULI.

19489584_1573128699404231_232376335_n (1)



My experienced in this place is SUPERB. How about yours?

Address: Maribago, Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu

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