The Wonders of Tingko Beach

It was  22nd of October, 2016 when we had our 2nd Christian Leadership Training Service (CLTS) in Alcoy, Cebu. 

Tingko Beach is a popular getaway located specifically in Daan Lungsod, Alcoy in Cebu, Philippines.Tingko is popular among locals because of its crystal clear turquoise water, the virgin white sand and it doesn’t cost a pretty penny.

Before getting there, you need to take a bus in South Bus Terminal. The terminal is just walking distance from Elizabeth Mall or E-Mall as the locals call it. So, when you arrive at the south bus, there’s a sign board of places displayed obviously as a guide to which bus takes to your desired places. 

Bus fare (as of October 2016), Cebu -Alcoy

Ceres Air-conditioned bus – 105 php

Ceres Non air-conditioned bus -100 php

*If you’re a student, you must bring an ID with you so you can avail the 10% percent discount.  

So, we got the air-conditioned bus and we only paid 95 php each.

When we got there, it was exactly 7 p.m. It took us 2 and half hour to arrive at Tingko, Beach.We paid for the entrance fee of 10 php.

So, we are all tired and hungry. 

Since, it was  leadership training and it takes 1-3 days to enjoy and plan for our upcoming activities for the second semester, we booked a cottage before going there. The cottages rate vary on its size. We got the small cottage that would seriously only fit for 6 persons and it costs 800 php. Imagine, we were 30 attending the CLTS, and we only got a one small cottage. 

I died for a while. Joke. 

I suggest you to bring your own tent/ simply tarpaulin (so you can clearly see the stars, feel the fresh air, the wind blowing, and feel the sound and smell of sea that cleanses your soul). 

*If you don’t have any of those things, you can also rent tent for only 200 pesos per night. You can also avail table and benches for 250 php. 

I was so tired looking at the stars at that time, so I wasn’t able to enjoy the night. But, I was a little bit happy because I finally able to see a shooting star.

It was 5:36 on the 23rd of October, I finally also witness the sun rises.

161023 My first spectacular sunrise photo I have taken in my whole life. 
161023 I was amazed of the white sand. Seriously, it was my first time in Alcoy.

We didn’t “seriously” plan for our activities for the second semester. I mean it didn’t take us a hour to plan for it, we just had a chitchat, made some corny jokes, laughed boisterously and enjoyed watching the sea.

161023 with my CAWSA Buddies

You can also found sidewalk vendors in Dalaguete town selling “puso”/hanging rice, lechon manok. They have also stores that sells junk foods, vegetables, fruits and even drinks.By the way, Tingko doesn’t require a corkage fee. So, you can bring foods anything you want. 

So, for our foods, our president and our advisers went early to the market “mercado” to buy fresh pork meat, fish and “guso” or seaweed in English for our breakfast and lunch. There’s a broil station “sugbahan”, so you can freely grilled your fresh meat there.

There’s a lot of things to enjoy  our vacation in Alcoy. You can create sand castle, play hide and seek, patintero, and play “truth or dare”. 

161023 CAWSA 2016 made by Echo A.

After we eat, we visited 3 mini sandbar and paid 30 php per head for the pumpboat. For 30 minutes,  you could submerge to its refreshing clear water, do snorkeling or just float to the sea.

161023 The pumpboat
161023 I guess falling is better than drowning. The struggle is real. 

After our mini island hopping, we decided not to take shower at Tingko because we’ll be going to Obong Spring in Dalaguete is a cold spring whose fresh water flows out to the open sea.

 We left at 12 noon, and ride motorcycle in going to Dalaguete. It took us 20 minutes to arrive there, we paid for the entrance fee for 5 php and the motorcycle ride for 20 pesos. There are tables with umbrella available for you to put your things, and it costs 100 php.The place is so beautiful, it was my first time to go there. I love the water because it’s so cold. I thoroughly enjoyed so much.Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to take a picture of the area because my phone’s battery died too quickly. 




Address: Natalio Bacalso Avenue, Alcoy, Cebu
  • Air-conditioned bus: 105 (must bring ID to avail 10% discount)
  • Entrance Fee: 10 php
  • Cottage: 800-1500 php 
  • Tables and chairs: 250 php
  • Tent: 200 php
  • Pumpboat fare: 30 php per head for 30 minutes (able to visit 3 mini sandbar)
  • Foods and Drinks: I suggest to bring your own or buy near the city. There’s no corkage for foods. 

*Be sure to clean your own mess. They provide bin bag for your garbages. If they see any garbages to your place, they’ll charge 1000 php for not throwing properly.


Address: Obong, Dalaguete, Cebu

  • Motorcycle fare: 20 php (from Tingko to Obong)
  • Entrance Fee: 5 php for adult; 2 php for 10 years old below
  • Tables with Umbrella: 100 php

*I see a lot of cottages there. But, I don’t know how much is it. 


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